EVH is an online shop by Eldridge Von Henderson that embodies Equality, Vibrancy, and Harmony.


About Eldridge

I'm an SF native. Being born and raised in a city of so many different cultures and backgrounds has kept me very aware that everyone should be treated with respect for their humanity, regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

As a model for several years, I spent a lot of time observing the fashion industry and naturally fell in love with it. With the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco instilled in me, I began EVH to promote the ethos that raised me (Equality, Vibrancy, and Harmony) through beautifully designed, quality goods. EVH speaks to how I choose to see life and all of us in it.



The EVH Heart Rose represents the beauty, love, and fragility of life. And it's a helpful reminder that none of the beauty of life should be taken for granted.

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